Workshop Dates Coming Soon

Spring 2019

A multi-part, interactive series designed to help you get organized. These group sessions provide insights into the techniques and products that bring you order and calm.

Inspiration & Motivation

Organizing Principles

Getting Motivated

Family Time

Family Rooms | Playrooms

Photos | Keepsakes

Cooking & Serving

Kitchens | Pantries | Recipes

Dining Rooms

Home Office

Offices | Filing Systems

Everything Digital

Relaxation & Rejuvenation

Bedrooms | Closets

Bathrooms | Linens | Laundry 

Catch All

Garages | Cars | Purses

Emergency Supplies

Coming Soon:
March Dates & Locations


"Your classes were so incredibly inspiring. I have spent hours organizing and while there is still a lot left, I am off to a great start. Thank you!"



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