Spring 2019

Do you own your stuff or does your stuff own you?

Inspiration & Motivation

This foundational workshop provides the basic principles to begin your organizational journey. You will learn the why and how and the process behind it process techniques and strategies to change your life

    These one hour sessions will be hosted in private homes in three different L.A. locations for your convenience.


Registration is now open:

Tuesday, March 5th 

Brentwood Circle

Tuesday, March 12th


Tuesday, March 19th 

Calabasas The Oaks

Next Up:

Inspiration & Motivation

Organizing Principles

Getting Motivated

Everyting Digital

Desktop | Calendar | Contacts

Email | Docs | Filing | Photos

Family Time

Family Rooms | Playrooms

Photos | Keepsakes

Cooking & Serving

Kitchens | Pantries | Recipes

Dining Rooms

Home Office

Offices | Filing Systems

Everything Digital

Relaxation & Rejuvenation

Bedrooms | Closets

Bathrooms | Linens | Laundry 

Catch All

Garages | Cars | Purses

Emergency Supplies


"Your classes were so incredibly inspiring. I have spent hours organizing and while there is still a lot left, I am off to a great start. Thank you!"



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